Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Twitter obsession.

I have started using twitter.
 And I can't say I've quite mastered it yet. Or ever will.
  • This social networking lark is supposed to be rather important in the old get your book up the ratings listings — according to quite a lot of people who write quite a lot of blogs about this very subject. So I have revived the auld account I set up last year and never used. Perhaps I am getting a little better at it though, I got three more people following me yesterday — do porn people followers count? I befriended (or is it followed) Richard Dreyfuss as I saw he had just started too and thought he might want a pal. Can’t think why he hasn’t started messaging me yet.

  • Also I have a fan site on facebook — I think I’ve posted on there about five times so methinks I need to put in a little more work. (Can’t you pay people to do this?) The downside of the whole twitter thing is that it is addictive and I have been following people’s feeds dog like, waiting for their next witty comments, all to the detriment of my work. Looks like I’m going to have to revert to the ‘pulling the plug out on the router’ plan to get any writing done. I need to hand in a developed synopsis of my new novel to my agent and I’ve been around the back of the bike shed smoking with twitter.

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